11 January 2012

Week 5 - Day 38, 39, 40

Week 4 Day 38, 39, 40

The Last few days have been really good, Hotel Assistant is a pretty easy job, cleaning, setting up Lunch, Afternoon Tea and High Tea and Cleaning up after, Pretty Chilled out

Tuesday was my day off, so I had a day of Skiing, the only skiing ive been able to do all week unfortunately
It was still quite fun though, beautiful weather for it, blue skies, quite warm and decient Piste conditions
Although I did have a bit of a Nasty fall on a particularly Steep Red Run, with about 20 Seconds of "Flying" down the side of the mountain, followed by a somersault, landing on my Left Hip on the only Rock in the area, Just my luck eh? Still in a bit of pain after that, but its all good

Another 3 Days of being a H/A, then onto another Transfer Day!

The weeks are going by so fast its unreal, I barely know what day it is

We Got paid on tuesday, unfortunately it was less than I was expecting, but that would be becuase we were only really working 3 weeks, with 1 week unpaid Training

Fun Times

Starting to miss home a little bit, Missing my Girl more than anything else =[, also missing Driving, kinda worried that im gona forget how to Drive in the next 4 months, but it should be fine

Thats all for now =]

8 January 2012

Esprit Ski - Week 5 Day 37

Week 5 - Day 37

So today was Transfer Day, aswell as my first day as being a Hotel Assistant for the week

It went suprisingly well, starting off with cleaning rooms, then clearing snow off balconies, Helping the new arrivals with their luggage

Then setting up Afternoon tea, doing a bit of cleaning before finishing for the evening at 6pm

So it was a pretty easy day, with a fair bit of waiting around

Unfortunately im going to be working from 9am till 6pm all week, so no Skiing except my day off, Sad Times

Heres to the start of a quiet week!

Gona miss the Childcare though

Get a bit of a lay in tomorrow not starting work till 9am =]

7 January 2012

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 36

Week 4 Day 36

Today was my Day off, so I did what I usually

do, Ski!

Started off with the Red / Blue Piste run down

to the Village of D'Huez (@ 1500 Meters)

Then went upto Le Signal (@ 2100 Meters) and did

a Blue run down to Villard Reculas (@ 1480

Meters) which was a really nice run, going along

the top of a cliff at one point, with some

fantastic Views

Got the chair lift back upto the Signal and did

a Blue run back down to Alpe D'Huez (@ 1860)

Then went across to Les Bergers which is part of

Alpe D'Huez, and went up to try and find some

runs over there, unfortunately the Higher

Chairlift was closed, so I resigned myself to

doing the usual runs with some greens joining

together to get back to the bottom of Le Signal,

Skiied back down past the Hotel and down the Red

/ Blue to the Village of D'Huez to finish off

the day, then back to the Hotel to chill out for

the rest of the day =]

All in all a Great day, with Blue Skies and a

nice little adventure

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 35

Day 35

Today was a weird day, getting up in the morning to find that about 2ft of snow had fallen over night, deeper in places, and it was still falling!

The usual ski lessons had to be cancelled and moved to the Afternoon, as all the Lifts and even the Pistes were closed due to so much snow fall

So this morning we had to do Snow Club, then the children had their lessons after lunch

On my afternoon off I found a nice little slope down to the village of Huez, Starting off on a Red Piste, then joining a Blue, then got the Cable Car back to the top just in time for the Weekly Medal Ceremony

Day off tomorrow, so im going to try and find some pistes that I haven't been on yet, Blues or Reds.. so I'm probably guna be pretty tired afterwards

Skiing puts alot of strain on my Thighs, with all the "Moguls" (Lumps of snow where other skiiers have been turning and churning the snow up) and the steep slopes that are usually on Red Pistes

Hopefully the weather will stay clear to allow me to Ski without having to worry about getting back due to lift closures

Thats all for now =]

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 32, 33 ,34

Day 32, 33, 34

Last few days have been really good

Taking the Intermediates to their lessons, going skiing myself whilst they go off, then meeting up with them again and skiing back down to the hotel together, right to the hotel door! =]

I must admit, I couldnt have asked for a better group, they're all polite, happy and willing to try their best and also willing to help out

Managed to get conquer my fears enough to start going down Red slopes, unfortunately the weather has made it rather hard, skiing down a mountain in a Blizzard means you cant even see the ground infront of you, but its still good fun!

By the end of the season I'll probably be on Black runs, who knows

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 29, 30, 31

Days: 29, 30 & 31

The last few days have been really good, yet quite busy, Starting off with Transfer day, getting up at 6 am, helping the guests get onto the coaches, then cleaning the hotel until the new guests arrived, then 2 hours off in the afternoon, followed by Baby Listening until 11pm
As per usual... a Pretty long day

After Transfer day, we went onto our normal Shifts,
This week im taking the Intermediates to their lessons, then having about an hour and a half to ski on my own, before meeting up with the Group again, and Skiing right down to the hotel with them, which is pretty good fun
Ive only got 4 children in my group and they are a great bunch, really Polite, Quiet yet fun and Always trying their best in the Ski Lessons which is great

Then ive either had the afternoon off, doing baby listening in the evening
Or ive done Snow Club in the afternoon, then having the evening off!

New Years Eve was fun, decided to use the Pirate Outfit I had for Christmas from my Secret Santa,
So Dressed as a pirate, I went out with some of the others to see the New Year in.. Having 2 bottles of Lager before calling it a night just before 1am

New Years day was a Normal working day, with the Skiing lessons in the morning

My Skiing is coming along quite well, Im now descending Blue Pistes with a bit more confidence, having the odd slip up / fall where im either going too fast OR hitting an unexpected dip

Thankfully there EXTREMELY small percentage of people that are willing to help me get back on my feet (Or skis)
Many Thanks to these Good Samaritans, I Just wish everyone would spend that 2 minutes helping someone, its not hard!

As you would think, the longer im out here, the more im starting to miss certain people back home, but im sure the weeks will go by fast enough so that im back with them soon (You know who you are ;p)

Thats all from me for now =]

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 28 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 28

Today was my day off, decided to have a lay in, until about 11 am, which was muchly needed
Then tried to go out skiing, but the queues for the lifts were SOO long, it woulda taken hours to get anywhere near the lift, so I gave up on that idea, had a couple of runs down a really short beginners run near the hotel, before going back and chilling out with a couple of films

Bit of a disapointing day in a way, but oh well