7 January 2012

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 29, 30, 31

Days: 29, 30 & 31

The last few days have been really good, yet quite busy, Starting off with Transfer day, getting up at 6 am, helping the guests get onto the coaches, then cleaning the hotel until the new guests arrived, then 2 hours off in the afternoon, followed by Baby Listening until 11pm
As per usual... a Pretty long day

After Transfer day, we went onto our normal Shifts,
This week im taking the Intermediates to their lessons, then having about an hour and a half to ski on my own, before meeting up with the Group again, and Skiing right down to the hotel with them, which is pretty good fun
Ive only got 4 children in my group and they are a great bunch, really Polite, Quiet yet fun and Always trying their best in the Ski Lessons which is great

Then ive either had the afternoon off, doing baby listening in the evening
Or ive done Snow Club in the afternoon, then having the evening off!

New Years Eve was fun, decided to use the Pirate Outfit I had for Christmas from my Secret Santa,
So Dressed as a pirate, I went out with some of the others to see the New Year in.. Having 2 bottles of Lager before calling it a night just before 1am

New Years day was a Normal working day, with the Skiing lessons in the morning

My Skiing is coming along quite well, Im now descending Blue Pistes with a bit more confidence, having the odd slip up / fall where im either going too fast OR hitting an unexpected dip

Thankfully there EXTREMELY small percentage of people that are willing to help me get back on my feet (Or skis)
Many Thanks to these Good Samaritans, I Just wish everyone would spend that 2 minutes helping someone, its not hard!

As you would think, the longer im out here, the more im starting to miss certain people back home, but im sure the weeks will go by fast enough so that im back with them soon (You know who you are ;p)

Thats all from me for now =]

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  1. Miss you so much! Can't wait to see you soon. <3