7 January 2012

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 35

Day 35

Today was a weird day, getting up in the morning to find that about 2ft of snow had fallen over night, deeper in places, and it was still falling!

The usual ski lessons had to be cancelled and moved to the Afternoon, as all the Lifts and even the Pistes were closed due to so much snow fall

So this morning we had to do Snow Club, then the children had their lessons after lunch

On my afternoon off I found a nice little slope down to the village of Huez, Starting off on a Red Piste, then joining a Blue, then got the Cable Car back to the top just in time for the Weekly Medal Ceremony

Day off tomorrow, so im going to try and find some pistes that I haven't been on yet, Blues or Reds.. so I'm probably guna be pretty tired afterwards

Skiing puts alot of strain on my Thighs, with all the "Moguls" (Lumps of snow where other skiiers have been turning and churning the snow up) and the steep slopes that are usually on Red Pistes

Hopefully the weather will stay clear to allow me to Ski without having to worry about getting back due to lift closures

Thats all for now =]

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