28 December 2011

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 26 & 27

Day 26

Just a normal Day today, starting with the Beginners Ski Lessons, followed by lunch, then the Afternoon off
Back into work for High Tea and then Baby Listening till 11pm
Thanks to Chris for bringing a Deck of cards, sat on the Stairs playing Rummy & Blackjack XD

Day 27

Another usual Day, starting with the usual Beginners Ski Lesson, which went pretty good, with the children managing to get onto a higher lift
But, with an unfortunate ending, as one of the little girls had a collision with another child, causing a nose bleed
Other than that, it went well
Had the afternoon off, tried getting onto the Pistes, but the Lifts were so packed, that it would've taken about an hour to get onto a lift, let alone getting up to the top of the piste to actually ski
So I Resigned myself to skiing on a tiny slope near the Hotel
After that, we had the weekly Medal Ceremony, along with the Gunging, which thankfully wasn't me
Day off tomorrow, so hopefully, i'll be able to actually get onto a lift

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 25 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 25

Boxing Day

Today was a pretty good day, Starting off with the usual Childrens Ski lessons, the beginners managed to get onto a Green Piste to do some skiing which was good for both them and me
After that, back for lunch
I then finished work at 2pm.. so I decided it was time for some.. "Me Time".. AKA.. SKIING!

There were huge queues for the Ski lifts, which was a bit of a pain, but the time I did manage to get on the piste was great, im getting used to going faster on steeper slopes, which means ill soon be used to doing some Blue/Red Pistes

After that, back to the room for a little boxing day nap, waking up in time for dinner

After that, a bit of music and cleaning the Room / Bathroom ready for Staff Accommodation inspection tomorrow.. should be fun

Thats all for now =]

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 24 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 24

Christmas Day

Starting off with the usual, Taking the children to their Ski Lessons
Thankfully today the weather was alot better than yesterday, with Blue Skies and Warmth rather than a White-out Blizzard, even though there was still a cold breeze
After that, a light lunch followed by a couple of hours off
Back in at 4.15pm to help with the Guests Christmas dinner, helping to see to their needs be it Drinks, or clearing plates away
After that, onto the Staff Xmas dinner, unfortunately only getting 20 mins to eat it before having to start work again
It was still fun, being sat with all of my colleagues having some food and banter, along with the Traditional "Secret Santa" Gifts
I Recieved a Pirate outfit for some unknown reason, which i'll probably wear on New Years Eve just for a laugh
After that, a rather boring Baby Listening duty, managing to finish 15 mins early thanks to the parents being kind enough to sign their children out early
Managed to finish off the book I was reading "The Sight", which was a pretty good book and saved me from hours of boredom, which I would've probably spent on thinking of ways I could kill myself rather than suffer the boredom
Only one book left to last me 4 more months.. this could be interesting..
Back to work in the morning, but thankfully I finish at 2pm, so some skiing and an early night is in order I think

Thats all for now =]

24 December 2011

Esprit Week 3 Day 22 & 23 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 22

Today was our second Transfer Day
Starting at 6 am, was pretty much cleaning rooms all day ready for the new guests to arrive
Due to the Snow, more of our Transfers were late, some arriving around 4.30 pm, others not arriving till 10 pm
All in All, a Long day of running around sorting stuff out, then onto Baby Listening in the evening too, sitting in a corridor keeping an eye on children in their rooms whilst their parents are having dinner

Finally managed to get to bed around Midnight.. 18 hour day.. fun times

Day 23

Its Xmas Eve!
And yet another Busy day
Starting off at 8 am (Yes.. 8 hours after I finished my last day) with Ski Shop, getting the guests skis sorted, and trying to get the children ready for ski lessons at 9am
Was rather interesting when the Shop owner decided to throw us out of the shop, complaining that we were unorganized and blocking the shop up, thankfully we managed to get the children sorted

Then took the children to their lessons and accompanied them, which was also interesting seeing as it was a White-out Blizzard, meaning visibillity was extremely low

After that, got them back for lunch, and now I have the rest of the day off

Even though we now have Blue Skies outside, im just gona go to bed I think.. im so tired its unreal

Im also missing a certain Person..

Heres to a Happy Xmas!

Weird thing is.. Im working over xmas day aswell.. but never mind it'll be fun

Esprit Week 3 Day 21 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 21

Today was my day off, so I decided to use the time wisely..

And Ski!

Started off on a load of Green (Beginner) Runs, Then went off with my room mate to try some Blue Runs (The next step up)

The first Blue was rather hard, covered in Moguls (Lumps / Mole Hills of Snow) from where other skiiers/boarders have been down it and done turns

Fell down quite a lot on this slope, then went onto some Green runs which would connect us to a lift to get to an easier blue

The last Blue Run, I started off with about 4 falls going down, but the second run was alot better, only falling twice
And one of those falls was due to another Skiier cutting me up...

So all in all, a good day, alot of new experiences

Aching all over now, so gunna chill for the evening ready for Transfer Day tomorrow

Fun Times!

21 December 2011

Esprit Week 2 Day 19 & 20 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 19

Starting off the day with the usual taking the children to their Ski Lessons, which even with missing the first bus due to so many other people being on it, went quite well compared to usual

Had a good couple of runs down the piste, then had the afternoon off to do some more Skiing!
After getting stuck on a Cable Car for 15 minutes, I finally managed to get onto the piste, having a good laugh at the same time (I managed to find some jumps on the piste, and also managed to stay on my feet!)

Then back to work for the evening doing the usual High Tea then Cocoa Club (Evening activity club)

Day 20

Today went pretty good, Managed to get onto a different Piste this morning.. 2 out of 3 attempts without falling makes me a bit happier and a bit more confident in myself
Had the afternoon off to do a bit more skiing as well, after that we had the Children's Medal Ceremony,
Where the children get a certificate for their time here, as well as a medal and a certificate for Skiing achievements
After that, we had the ceremonial Gunging.. Where a member of staff gets Gunged, and throughout the week the children earn points to vote for a member of staff

This week.. it was me.

Yep.. thats right.. I stood out in the snow in bare feet (didn't want to have to wash my shoes XD) and got green gunge poured all over me

Some of the children loved it, one or two of the younger ones got upset because they didnt know why it was happening.. all in all.. it was kinda fun

Day off tomorrow.. guess what im gona do?


Thats all for now =]

Esprit Week 2 Day 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 13

Had the day off today, spent the majority of the morning looking for a Free Ski Lift as our lift passes still haven't arrived
After finding one, I decided to grab my ski gear and head to the Piste using the free lift, Spending a couple of hours basically teaching myself to ski, I started to get alot more confident, managing to turn and stop on the slope, so im pretty pleased with myself

After that, I spent the afternoon chilling on my bed with a really good book (Inheritance), will finish it tonight!

After dinner, I then decided to have a quick ski on the slope beside the hotel (at 8.45pm!)
My thinking is the more I Ski, the better i'll get at it!

Day 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

It's been a long week so far, and its not even over
Our first arrivals day was full of problems, due to heavy snowfall, planes being re-routed to places like Geneva and Leon
Some guests arrived at 4.30, more arrived around 9/10 pm
Finished that day just after midnight, so yeah.. a very long day

The next day, being our first Ski day, starting at 8, getting the later arrivals their skis from the Ski shop, then onwards to taking the Children to their Ski lessons, supposed to be starting at 9.45, Finally started at 10.30
The day continued to be disasterous, with problems cropping up constantly

The Day after went a little better, Managing to get the children to their ski lessons by 10am (busses running late)
Have been running evening activities for the children, usually finishing work at 10.30 pm
So all in all, really busy and getting rather tired

The Day after went alot better, also getting some time off in the afternoon along with getting our Ski Passes, with a few others, we decided to go skiing
Following a reccommendation from one of the other guys working here, we went to a chairlift that is used less than others
Unfortunately, we soon found out that it took us right to the top of the mountain
After getting off the Chairlift, even before getting onto the main piste, I took 5 Bad falls, Injuring my left leg and my neck
Once I looked at the Piste, I decided then and there that I was way out of my league so I ended up walking down the mountain, skis in hand
After that though, I found an easier slope, and felt a little better after having a quick run down it

The Day after was another extremely long one, working 8.15am all the way to 10.30pm, with an hour of skiing in the morning whilst the children were on their lessons, which was a welcome release
Skiing makes me feel like im free, like im floating with the world just passing me by
After the falls the day before, my body had become rather stiff and sore, but the ski run in the morning felt good
Thankfully ive had the chance to ski every morning this week, whilst the Children are on lessons

Anyway, thats all for now

Esprit Week 2 Day 10, 11 & 12 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 10

Started work on the childcare rooms, decorating with bright colours, cleaning toys, etc..
A lot of work to be done, but the sooner we get it done, the sooner we get time off!

Day 11

Again, working on the childcare rooms, looks like we barely touched it after a full day on it, but we'll get there
Also, we had our ski gear today, so i now have a set of skis, boots and poles to play with!
Heading out on the snow tonight to have a little play

Day 12

Starting off with a "Practice" Breakfast, meaning the hotel staff have to wait on us hand and foot.. for some reason i kind of enjoyed it.. although it was strange having our friends stood around answering to our every need

Then back into the Childcare rooms with a determination to finish off, stopping at lunchtime because it was our turn to practice serving our guests, the hotel staff becoming our mock "Children"
Was rather amusing, yet again, weird as they are our friends

After that, back into the childcare rooms, managed to finally get them finished by 5.30pm!
At which point i decided to get the Ski's out and go for a little play in the snow for just over an hour

This was then followed by yet another Practice meal, Guest Dinner, where the hotel staff would serve our adult guests with a fine 3 course meal and complementary wine...
Do you reckon any of us complained at the fact we were getting served a FREE 3 course meal?
Well.. Yes.. but only slightly..
The Rice was un-cooked with the beef goulash, but other than that, it was perfect
The free merlot wine went quite well with the beef too

Day off tomorrow.. either going skiing if i can find a Free Ski lift (Still haven't got our Ski Passes...) or failing that, will go and have a look around the town..

Esprit Week 2 Day 8 & 9 - Alpe D'Huez

Week 2 - Day 8

Left for resort around 10am, we seem to be cursed by delayed coaches, left the uk 2 hours late.. left the training resort 1 and a half hours late... its slowly getting better i suppose.. maybe leaving at the end of season we'll only be an hour late

Drove through the alps (managing an hour of sleep along the way) through small towns, then assended the steep climb towards L'Alpe D'Huez, Along the famous Tour du France route up the mountain

Arrived in Resort around 2pm had some lunch, got the baggage in and settled down

Then had a rather boring Fire Safety Brief in the afternoon, followed by a rather weird version of "Speed Dating" in the evening to get to know the rest of the team, Fun Times!

Week 2 - Day 9

Another Morning in the snow, doing a mock "Take To" session.. where we would escort the children to their ski lessons, had some fun and games at the ski centre, then back to the hotel
Had a nice lunch of soup with some nice fresh warm baguettes
Followed by an afternoon of Housekeeping and Cleaning guest rooms

Its one of the Girls birthday today, so the plan for tonight is to go out for a drink..
Don't think ill be out for long, rather tired at the moment..

Heres to the start of the season!

7 December 2011

Esprit Training - Day 7

Day 7


Now about knee deep in places.. managed to get out and have some fun in it this morning
Finished off all the classroom stuff this afternoon.. little exam 2moro, bit more fun putting on a show for the other teams.. then off to resort Friday!
Soo excited.. cant wait...

6 December 2011

Esprit Training - Days 5 & 6

Day 5

Its starting to look a bit better now that we have a steady stream of snow coming down
Food Hygeine and First aid all day today which has been a good laugh aswell as being informative

Day 6

A mixture of Class work, a Health and Safety Lecture, along with some playtime outside

The snow is now between ankle and shin deep with it still falling really fast, which is looking good for the rest of the season!

Getting really excited now for the end of the week and getting out to the new resort!

4 December 2011

Esprit Ski - Day 4

A bit more of a boring day today, with mostly classroom work going on..


We did get a chance to go out and play in the snow before lunch, which was brilliant fun

Quiz Night tonight, with each resort being your team.. Should be interesting

Anyway.. that's all I've got for now..

So till next time.. Goodbye

Esprit Ski - Training - Day 3

Day 3

FINALLY! We have snow.. not much of it.. but its better than nothing
Today has been a rather boring day, full of lectures from various managers, but the inch of snow fall has lightened spirits

Hopefully the snow continues to fall so that we're able to actually ski, etc..

Not much to say other than that, I suppose there will be more to say once we finish training and get out to the resort.

Esprit Ski - Training - Days 1 & 2

Week 1:

Day 1 / 2 (1st / 2nd December)

Leaving Fleet, Hampshire at 6pm on the 1st, After a 2 Hour delay, stood in the cold downpour of rain, watching others coming and going, and even one of the other coaches crashing into a rather expensive Bently that was parked, and also hitting a Pay & Display machine, thus breaking one of the windows of the coach.
It was rather nice to finally get onboard the coach in the warm and dry

Started talking to some of the others on the coach, finding out which resorts they were going to, Eventually finding some going to the same resort as myself, L'Alpe D'Huez

After 3 and a half hours of driving on the motorways and being stuck on the good old car park otherwise known as, The M25.

We finally reached Dover and proceded towards the Ferry, boarding around about 10.15 pm

With a rather uneventful Ferry Crossing of around 90 minuites, using the time to get a nice hot drink, a quick nap (as I find it hard to sleep on coaches) and getting to know the other Ski-Seasonaires

Upon Reaching Calais at around 11.30 pm (12.30am French time) we made our way towards the french motorways.
(From this point onwards, all times will be French Times for ease of writing, Unless Stated)

We drove on till around 4.30 am, at which point we stopped to fuel up and have a break, then continuing onwards through the dark night, Finally stopping for Breakfast at around 9.30 am, after seeing a rather beautiful sun rise through the mists

We then carried on driving through the morning, most people on the coach going back to sleep, some staying up to watch a DVD on the coaches onboard DVD System.. I finally managed to get about an hours sleep during the journey, Waking up to the beautiful start of the French Alps, the sudden mountains rising up from the flat french plains, with the odd castle dotted around on the cliff edges, the quaint little french villages in the valleys

The closer we got to the resort, the smaller the roads got.. with the sharp bends, small tunnels, and steep inclines made the journey a little more interesting, but alas.. seeing only tiny ammounts of snow on the mountains

Finally arriving at the Les Arcs Resort, around midday, we Lugged our bags upto our rooms, which are rather comfortable, then trying on our uniforms to check for fit, we then wondered around the Hotel for a few hours, getting to know our bearings

We then went to meet up with our Managers in the Hotel Reception, upon meeting them, we were briefed about the plan for the week

After that, we had a welcome seminar with some of the Area Managers, along with the OverSeas Directors and even the CEO of the company

Once that had finished, we had a little time to chill out, then into Dinner we went.. with a rather interesting mix of french cullinary delights

Once dinner was out of the way, we were able to get on the internet, unfortunately, as there are so many people here, we are only allowed a 30 minuite slot

So I will be updating this as much as I can, but for now, Its goodbye from me