11 January 2012

Week 5 - Day 38, 39, 40

Week 4 Day 38, 39, 40

The Last few days have been really good, Hotel Assistant is a pretty easy job, cleaning, setting up Lunch, Afternoon Tea and High Tea and Cleaning up after, Pretty Chilled out

Tuesday was my day off, so I had a day of Skiing, the only skiing ive been able to do all week unfortunately
It was still quite fun though, beautiful weather for it, blue skies, quite warm and decient Piste conditions
Although I did have a bit of a Nasty fall on a particularly Steep Red Run, with about 20 Seconds of "Flying" down the side of the mountain, followed by a somersault, landing on my Left Hip on the only Rock in the area, Just my luck eh? Still in a bit of pain after that, but its all good

Another 3 Days of being a H/A, then onto another Transfer Day!

The weeks are going by so fast its unreal, I barely know what day it is

We Got paid on tuesday, unfortunately it was less than I was expecting, but that would be becuase we were only really working 3 weeks, with 1 week unpaid Training

Fun Times

Starting to miss home a little bit, Missing my Girl more than anything else =[, also missing Driving, kinda worried that im gona forget how to Drive in the next 4 months, but it should be fine

Thats all for now =]

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  1. Haha, I'm sure your not going to forget how to drive! (:
    Hope your hip feels better soon!!

    Missing you so much. :(