7 January 2012

Esprit Ski Week 4 Day 36

Week 4 Day 36

Today was my Day off, so I did what I usually

do, Ski!

Started off with the Red / Blue Piste run down

to the Village of D'Huez (@ 1500 Meters)

Then went upto Le Signal (@ 2100 Meters) and did

a Blue run down to Villard Reculas (@ 1480

Meters) which was a really nice run, going along

the top of a cliff at one point, with some

fantastic Views

Got the chair lift back upto the Signal and did

a Blue run back down to Alpe D'Huez (@ 1860)

Then went across to Les Bergers which is part of

Alpe D'Huez, and went up to try and find some

runs over there, unfortunately the Higher

Chairlift was closed, so I resigned myself to

doing the usual runs with some greens joining

together to get back to the bottom of Le Signal,

Skiied back down past the Hotel and down the Red

/ Blue to the Village of D'Huez to finish off

the day, then back to the Hotel to chill out for

the rest of the day =]

All in all a Great day, with Blue Skies and a

nice little adventure

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