8 January 2012

Esprit Ski - Week 5 Day 37

Week 5 - Day 37

So today was Transfer Day, aswell as my first day as being a Hotel Assistant for the week

It went suprisingly well, starting off with cleaning rooms, then clearing snow off balconies, Helping the new arrivals with their luggage

Then setting up Afternoon tea, doing a bit of cleaning before finishing for the evening at 6pm

So it was a pretty easy day, with a fair bit of waiting around

Unfortunately im going to be working from 9am till 6pm all week, so no Skiing except my day off, Sad Times

Heres to the start of a quiet week!

Gona miss the Childcare though

Get a bit of a lay in tomorrow not starting work till 9am =]

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  1. Sounds like so much fun! Your going to miss it when you get back, lol.