21 December 2011

Esprit Week 2 Day 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 & 18 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 13

Had the day off today, spent the majority of the morning looking for a Free Ski Lift as our lift passes still haven't arrived
After finding one, I decided to grab my ski gear and head to the Piste using the free lift, Spending a couple of hours basically teaching myself to ski, I started to get alot more confident, managing to turn and stop on the slope, so im pretty pleased with myself

After that, I spent the afternoon chilling on my bed with a really good book (Inheritance), will finish it tonight!

After dinner, I then decided to have a quick ski on the slope beside the hotel (at 8.45pm!)
My thinking is the more I Ski, the better i'll get at it!

Day 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

It's been a long week so far, and its not even over
Our first arrivals day was full of problems, due to heavy snowfall, planes being re-routed to places like Geneva and Leon
Some guests arrived at 4.30, more arrived around 9/10 pm
Finished that day just after midnight, so yeah.. a very long day

The next day, being our first Ski day, starting at 8, getting the later arrivals their skis from the Ski shop, then onwards to taking the Children to their Ski lessons, supposed to be starting at 9.45, Finally started at 10.30
The day continued to be disasterous, with problems cropping up constantly

The Day after went a little better, Managing to get the children to their ski lessons by 10am (busses running late)
Have been running evening activities for the children, usually finishing work at 10.30 pm
So all in all, really busy and getting rather tired

The Day after went alot better, also getting some time off in the afternoon along with getting our Ski Passes, with a few others, we decided to go skiing
Following a reccommendation from one of the other guys working here, we went to a chairlift that is used less than others
Unfortunately, we soon found out that it took us right to the top of the mountain
After getting off the Chairlift, even before getting onto the main piste, I took 5 Bad falls, Injuring my left leg and my neck
Once I looked at the Piste, I decided then and there that I was way out of my league so I ended up walking down the mountain, skis in hand
After that though, I found an easier slope, and felt a little better after having a quick run down it

The Day after was another extremely long one, working 8.15am all the way to 10.30pm, with an hour of skiing in the morning whilst the children were on their lessons, which was a welcome release
Skiing makes me feel like im free, like im floating with the world just passing me by
After the falls the day before, my body had become rather stiff and sore, but the ski run in the morning felt good
Thankfully ive had the chance to ski every morning this week, whilst the Children are on lessons

Anyway, thats all for now

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  1. Ohdear. D: I hope your neck and leg are okay!! You still need to get back in one piece. Sounds like your having fun! Even if it is a bit tiring. (:

    Also. Glad your enjoying Inheritance!!