24 December 2011

Esprit Week 3 Day 22 & 23 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 22

Today was our second Transfer Day
Starting at 6 am, was pretty much cleaning rooms all day ready for the new guests to arrive
Due to the Snow, more of our Transfers were late, some arriving around 4.30 pm, others not arriving till 10 pm
All in All, a Long day of running around sorting stuff out, then onto Baby Listening in the evening too, sitting in a corridor keeping an eye on children in their rooms whilst their parents are having dinner

Finally managed to get to bed around Midnight.. 18 hour day.. fun times

Day 23

Its Xmas Eve!
And yet another Busy day
Starting off at 8 am (Yes.. 8 hours after I finished my last day) with Ski Shop, getting the guests skis sorted, and trying to get the children ready for ski lessons at 9am
Was rather interesting when the Shop owner decided to throw us out of the shop, complaining that we were unorganized and blocking the shop up, thankfully we managed to get the children sorted

Then took the children to their lessons and accompanied them, which was also interesting seeing as it was a White-out Blizzard, meaning visibillity was extremely low

After that, got them back for lunch, and now I have the rest of the day off

Even though we now have Blue Skies outside, im just gona go to bed I think.. im so tired its unreal

Im also missing a certain Person..

Heres to a Happy Xmas!

Weird thing is.. Im working over xmas day aswell.. but never mind it'll be fun

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  1. Sounds like your having so much fun! Even though the hours are long..

    Miss you so much.