28 December 2011

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 26 & 27

Day 26

Just a normal Day today, starting with the Beginners Ski Lessons, followed by lunch, then the Afternoon off
Back into work for High Tea and then Baby Listening till 11pm
Thanks to Chris for bringing a Deck of cards, sat on the Stairs playing Rummy & Blackjack XD

Day 27

Another usual Day, starting with the usual Beginners Ski Lesson, which went pretty good, with the children managing to get onto a higher lift
But, with an unfortunate ending, as one of the little girls had a collision with another child, causing a nose bleed
Other than that, it went well
Had the afternoon off, tried getting onto the Pistes, but the Lifts were so packed, that it would've taken about an hour to get onto a lift, let alone getting up to the top of the piste to actually ski
So I Resigned myself to skiing on a tiny slope near the Hotel
After that, we had the weekly Medal Ceremony, along with the Gunging, which thankfully wasn't me
Day off tomorrow, so hopefully, i'll be able to actually get onto a lift

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  1. Haha, I want photo's of gunging! It sounds entertaining. ;)

    Sounds like loads of fun. (: