28 December 2011

Esprit Ski Week 3 Day 24 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 24

Christmas Day

Starting off with the usual, Taking the children to their Ski Lessons
Thankfully today the weather was alot better than yesterday, with Blue Skies and Warmth rather than a White-out Blizzard, even though there was still a cold breeze
After that, a light lunch followed by a couple of hours off
Back in at 4.15pm to help with the Guests Christmas dinner, helping to see to their needs be it Drinks, or clearing plates away
After that, onto the Staff Xmas dinner, unfortunately only getting 20 mins to eat it before having to start work again
It was still fun, being sat with all of my colleagues having some food and banter, along with the Traditional "Secret Santa" Gifts
I Recieved a Pirate outfit for some unknown reason, which i'll probably wear on New Years Eve just for a laugh
After that, a rather boring Baby Listening duty, managing to finish 15 mins early thanks to the parents being kind enough to sign their children out early
Managed to finish off the book I was reading "The Sight", which was a pretty good book and saved me from hours of boredom, which I would've probably spent on thinking of ways I could kill myself rather than suffer the boredom
Only one book left to last me 4 more months.. this could be interesting..
Back to work in the morning, but thankfully I finish at 2pm, so some skiing and an early night is in order I think

Thats all for now =]

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