21 December 2011

Esprit Week 2 Day 19 & 20 - Alpe D'Huez

Day 19

Starting off the day with the usual taking the children to their Ski Lessons, which even with missing the first bus due to so many other people being on it, went quite well compared to usual

Had a good couple of runs down the piste, then had the afternoon off to do some more Skiing!
After getting stuck on a Cable Car for 15 minutes, I finally managed to get onto the piste, having a good laugh at the same time (I managed to find some jumps on the piste, and also managed to stay on my feet!)

Then back to work for the evening doing the usual High Tea then Cocoa Club (Evening activity club)

Day 20

Today went pretty good, Managed to get onto a different Piste this morning.. 2 out of 3 attempts without falling makes me a bit happier and a bit more confident in myself
Had the afternoon off to do a bit more skiing as well, after that we had the Children's Medal Ceremony,
Where the children get a certificate for their time here, as well as a medal and a certificate for Skiing achievements
After that, we had the ceremonial Gunging.. Where a member of staff gets Gunged, and throughout the week the children earn points to vote for a member of staff

This week.. it was me.

Yep.. thats right.. I stood out in the snow in bare feet (didn't want to have to wash my shoes XD) and got green gunge poured all over me

Some of the children loved it, one or two of the younger ones got upset because they didnt know why it was happening.. all in all.. it was kinda fun

Day off tomorrow.. guess what im gona do?


Thats all for now =]

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  1. Lmao! Haha you got gunged!!! :P Wish I'd been there to see it! I would have laughed so freakin' much! Whilst taking lots of photo's. ;)

    Sounds like fun though!